I just want to make things


I always loved school, so now that I have the opportunity, I’m going back. A few friends from my Old Navy days and I are taking this great online class from renown illustrator and artist rep Lilla Rogers.  My hope is that this e-course will help keep me motivated to pursue the artistic life I have always dreamed up. And, as Lilla says, “The best way to improve your career is to make art.” Right now I need the structure and support that connecting with a new tribe of talented artists will bring. The actual class starts on Monday, February 3rd. I’m so excited I have already read her wonderful book, “I Just Like to Make Things“, which is just chock full of  advice for artists, ideas and exercises to get those creative juices flowing, and lots of other tools for staying inspired. At the end of six months I hope to have a new professional illustrators portfolio as part of my creative arsenal. I will keep you posted. This is going to be super fun. 2014 is off to a sparkly start!


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