Halloween with Gilligan, the Skipper too…

pattern_gilliganMy Halloween dreams came true this year. Every single year I get a wild idea to dress up in costume for Halloween but we never seem to actually follow through.  But, this year, we got off the island and rocked our group Halloween costumes. Of course, the entire scenario was based around Cookie, the littlest and grumpiest skipper!

It was so easy and cheap. For Tim’s Gilligan costume, I purchased a generic long sleeve polo shirt from Amazon.com for $14.00. I spent a lot of time looking for the accurate red rugby shirt with white collars, but these are hard to come by and expensive. Also, most had to be imported from the UK.  to make our Gilligan shirt I just loosely measured the collar & placket, cut some white poplin scraps to fit, then and pinned and sewed the pieces over the shape.

polo_placketTo complete Gilligan’s look, I added a large white floppy bucket hat ($10.00) ordered from Amazon.com as well. Total cost: $24.00.

maryanngilskpperFor Cookie’s Skipper garb, I ordered a kid’s size 2T polo shirt ($7.75) and a tiny captain’s hat ($3.40 and part of a sexy lady sailor outfit? Really!). In shopping around, I thought that the polo shirts made especially for dogs were too expensive. Some ran into the $30 range. Plus, Cookie has an unconventional body shape so I was not guaranteed that the dog shirt would fit. My toddler polo worked perfectly without needing any alterations. Total cost: $12.oo.

skipper comboFor my Mary Ann costume, I already had the wig, ribbons, checkered shirt and denim capris in my repertoire. So, really, it was free. Here I am with my favorite “little buddy.”

maryannAnd as for my sister’s Ginger costume, I made it our of an old, threadbare bed sheet (I was pretty impressed with my skills as I have never sewn a garment like this from a pattern!). The “new look” sewing pattern cost $3.99 at Joann’s Fabrics (my second home) and Ginger’s wig was a cheapie too. We just added homemade stenciled letters, a white headband and sparkly jewelry that I already had at home. Probably the whole outfit cost $20.o0.

gingers dress wipLatina Ginger is lookin’ spicy below:

ginger comparison

What a fun night. We handed out treats to about  300 kids in Oakland at my friends’ house. Our hosts were dressed as Lovey and the Professor, but for some reason, I don’t have any pictures of them. I always thought Ginger and Mary Ann were camera hogs!


Total cost for this group costume: $56.oo. Being able to spend a fun and hilarious Halloween night with friends: priceless! Thanks, Lydia and Michael for hosting a wonderful Halloween party.


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